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Thompson School District Information on Standards Based Grading

Details for Mr. Kindt's Pre-AP Geophysical Science Class 2017/18 School Year

The Grades entered in Infinite Campus will be divided into one of three categories also known as "buckets".  These three categories are:      1.Patterns, Systems, and Scale   2. Causality   3. Energy

While most topics in science can fit into multiple buckets, it is important that the teacher divide all points up evenly between these three buckets if they want all points to have the same weight.  Now the confusing part.  Inside each of these buckets are the graduation competencies.  There are a total of eight graduation competencies in science and each one of these competencies "fits" under one of the three buckets.  Below is an outline of each bucket and the graduation competencies contained under that bucket.  If you click on the specific graduation competency, it will take you to the page with the details and scoring criteria performance indicators for that competency.

Category / Bucket #1 Patterns, Systems, and Scale

                      Graduation Competency #1  Nature of Science

                      Graduation Competency #2  Patterns

                      Graduation Competency #4  Scale, Proportion, and Quantity

                      Graduation Competency #5  Systems and System Models

Category / Bucket #2 Causality

                        Graduation Competency #3  Cause and Effect

                        Graduation Competency #7  Structure & Function

                        Graduation Competency #8  Stability and Change in Systems

Category / Bucket #3 Energy

                          Graduation Competency #6  Energy and Matter Systems


The Grades entered into these three Category Buckets will make up 90% of a student's total grade.  The other 10% will come from their Work Habits.  The Work Habits scoring criteria is based on four different Graduation Competencies.  The link below will give you more information on these work habit competencies.

Work Habits   Graduation Competency    #1 Collaboraton

Work Habits   Graduation Competency    #2 Communication

Work Habits   Graduation Competency    #3 Creative Problem Solver

Work Habits   Graduation Competency    #4 Self-Agency


The point distribution for the 2017 / 18 school year  in Mr. Kindt's Pre AP Geophysical Science class is as follows.

1st Semester Point Distribution                                                                                     2nd Semester Point Distribution

Three grading “Buckets”

Patterns Systems & Scale        470 points                                                                          Patterns System & Scale      470 points

Causality                                 470 points                                                                          Causality                              470 points

Energy                                     470 points                                                                         Energy                                  470 points

1410 points + 10% grade on work habits  = 141 points                                                     1410 points + 10% grade for work habits = 141 points

Total points first semester  1551 points                                                                              Total points second semester  1551 points


The link below contains detailed information for each assignement.

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