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Go to the link below and download the monthly star chart pdf file.

When using a star chart, hold the chart above your head.  the center of the map is your zenith or the point directly above your head. 


Circumpolar Constellations

Visual Magnitude

Phases of the Moon:  While observing the moon through a large telescope is an amazing experience, the best time to look for faint galaxies and nebula is during the new moon or crescent moon phase.  The brightness of a full moon tends to wash out the sky making it difficult to observe faint objects.  The link below gives the current lunar phase.

Current Lunar Phase

Constellations are groups of stars that seem to form a pattern in the sky.  Today we know the stars of a given constellation are not linked to each other.  Some stars in a constellation may be relatively close to earth while others may be farther away.  The one thing in common is that the stars are in roughly the same direction as seen from earth.  Today we divide the sky into 88 different constellations as a way to find our way through the night sky.  There are 12 constellations along the ecliptic where it appears from our viewpoint that the sun and planets pass through.  These 12 constellations are called the Zodiac constellations.

The Zodiac Constellations

                                   Seasonal Changes in the Night Sky

The Autumn Sky

The Winter Sky

The Spring Sky

The Summer Sky























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