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Instructor:  Scott Kindt




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Research Projects for Winter / Spring 2016 

 Course Description

Location:  Berthoud High School  Room 212  (Enter through East doors)

Time:  6:00 - 10:00  Monday Nights

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Unit 1 Amateur Astronomy

          Telescopes and Observing                    Assignment #1

         Star Charts & Constellations                  Assignment #2

         Celestial Objects  Messier                      Assignment #3

          The Night Sky & Unit Review Sheet for exam 1  


Unit 2 Astrophotography

          How to take Astrophotos                       Assignment #4  


Unit 3 Space Exploration

          Seeing the universe (EM Radiation)      Assignment #5

          Space Exploration                                  Assignment #6


Unit 4 The Solar System

           Historical Astronomy                            Assignment #7

           The Earth-Sun-Moon System                Assignment #8

           The Sun & Solar Cycles                         Assignment #9

           Planets Moons & Comets                      Assignement #10

Historical Astronomy & Kepler's Laws  Notes


Unit 5 Astrophysics

          Properties of Stars                                 Assignment #11

          Death of Stars                                        Assignment #12

         Galaxies & Expanding Universe             Assignment #13       

      Properties of Stars  (How Stars Shine, Nuclear Fusion) notes

      The Death of Stars   notes

DownLoad Monthly Star Charts