Night Astronomy Course Description

Magnet Course in Night Astronomy



The magnet course in night astronomy is a 0.5 credit semester course.  In this course we will explore the solar system, stars, nebula, galaxies and the universe.  Comparative climatology of the planets will also be explored.  The Little Thompson Observatory and the 18” Tinsley Telescope will be used for nighttime observing sessions.  We will also use binoculars, smaller telescopes and 35mm cameras for astrophotography. 



Course Objectives


1. Learn the basic constellations of the night sky.

2. Learn how to operate a telescope and find celestial objects.

3. Explore the Solar System, emphasizing the uniqueness of earth and its

          climate among the planets.

4. Take astrophotos through a telescope of the moon and planets.

5. Study celestial objects such as nebula, star clusters, black holes,

           and supernova.

6. Study galaxies and their formation in the universe.


























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