Night Astronomy Assignment 8 Questions


Name____________________                              Night Astronomy Assignment #8

The Earth Sun Moon System

1.  What month is the earth closest to the sun?


2.  What is the reason for the seasons?



3.  What was the probable cause for the tilt of earth’s axis?


4.  How does the earth’s diameter compare with the moon?


5. Click on the map “Lunar Features”.  What is the name of the large crater at the bottom of the moon?


6. Below the moon picture define these terms.

                Mare or Seas








7.  Compare the size of the moon when it’s at Apogee and Perigee.


8. Under the link “basic information of the moon” explain what synchronous rotation is. 

9.  List six chemical compounds found on the lunar surface.



10.  What are the maria filled with?


11. In the “earth and moon relative size diagram” what does the flashing yellow light represent?


12.  Under the link “Phases of the moon” draw a diagram of the earth moon system and label the phases.









13.  Under the moon phase calendar link, what will be the phase of the moon this year for Thanksgiving on Nov. 28th?


14.  Under the solar eclipse link, draw a diagram of the sun moon earth system during an eclipse.





15.  What is the dark part of the eclipse shadow called?

16.  How wide is the path of totality’s shadow?


17. Under the link Lunar eclipse, Diagram the sun earth moon during a lunar eclipse.






18. Explain why we do not have a lunar eclipse every full moon.


19. Is it safe to observe a lunar eclipse without eye protection?


20. What is the date for the next total lunar eclipse?



















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