Night Astronomy Assignment 7 Questions



Name_____________________        Night Astronomy Assignment 7

Historical Astronomy

1.  What was a major contribution of Ptolemey’s model?


2.  Draw a simplified Earth / Planet model of the Ptolemy system.





3.  Watch the youtube video of the Ptolemy model.  What planet has the largest epicycle (circle within a circle)?


4.  Diagram the Copernicus Heliocentric model.






5.  Johannes Kepler:  Why did Kepler and Brahe not get along?



6.  What system did Kepler firmly believe in?


7. What is the eccentricity of an ellipse?

8. List Kepler’s three laws on Planetary motion.







9. What were some of Galileo’s contributions to astronomy?



10.  Describe what Galileo’s telescope was like.


11. Why did Galileo eventually go blind?


12.  What were Isaac Newton’s contributions to Physics and Astronomy?




13.  What was special or better about Newton’s telescope?


14.  How does Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity look at space and time?



















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