Night Astronomy Assignment 6 questions


Name__________________________       Night Astronomy       Assignment 6        Space Exploration

1. What was the name?___________________  Launch date?________________________ and country

of origin for the first artificial satellite?_____________________

2.  Aside from starting the space race, what else did the launching of Sputnik trigger?


3.  How long did Sputnik spend is space?


4.  When was Vostok launched?

5.  Why was Yuri Gagarin chosen for Vostok 1?


6. What was odd with Yuri during his pre flight medical exam?



7. Which Venera probe made the first soft landing on Venus?

8. What was the “famous” Apollo 8 reading?


9. How many times did Apollo 8 circle the moon?

10. Who were the three astronauts on Apollo 11 and which one did not land on the moon?


11. What date did Apollo 11 lift off? ______________________ and what date did it land on the moon?


12.  What was written on the plaque left behind on the moon’s surface from Apollo 11?




13.  What were the two main parts to the Viking spacecraft?


14.  When was Viking 1 launched?______________________ and when did it orbit Mars?____________

15.  What were some of the findings the Viking probes discovered about Mars?




16.  What planets did Voyager II orbit?


17.  How far is voyager 2 currently from earth?

18. What are some things we put on Voyager’s gold record?




19. What does the Voyager probe use for fuel?


20. How many bytes of data have been received from the Hubble space telescope?

21.  Who was Edwin Hubble?



22. How was the Hubble Space Telescope able to narrow down the age of the universe?


23.  List three of your favorite Hubble images.


24.  Of all these space programs listed, which one do you think was the most significant?  Explain why you made this choice.




















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