Night Astronomy Assignment 4 Astrophotography

Go to the link "Getting Started in Astrophotography"  then to "A beginer's guide to astrophotography" then to "Sample Sectons" then to "Fixed Tripod Astrophotography"


1.  List the 7 steps for fixed tripod astrophotography.



Go back to "construct a barndoor tracker".

2.  Explain what a barndoor tracker is and why you want to make one.



Go back to DSLR settings

3.  What should these camera settings be for astrophotography?

  Program mode

  Auto Focus


  Shutter Speed

Go back to the main astrophotography web page and watch the first youtube video "Selecting a Telescope".

4.  Explain why you would not use a dobsonian telescope for astrophotography.



5.  Why would you not use a cassegrain telescope for astrophotography?



6.  What is the best telescope for astrophotography?


Whatch the next video "Selecting a telescope mount".

7.  What type of mount do we use for astrophotography?


8. How much money is the Orion Atlas EQ-G telescope mount?

Watch the 3rd video "selecting a camera"

9. What are the two paths to choose when selecting a camera for astrophotography?


10. How much money is the Star Shoot Pro Camera?

Watch the 3rd video Selecting a guide scope.

11. What is the purpose of a guide scope?


12. What are the two categories of guide scopes?


13. What is flexure?


14.  What can you use to reduce flexure?


15.  How much is the Orion Star Shoot Autoguider?
























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