Night Astronomy Assignment 2


Star Charts & Constellations

Download the current monthly star chart

1.  Name two constellations found in the southern sky for this month's star chart.


2.  What two constellaton is Saturn found between?


3.  Explain what the ecliptic is.



4.  What is a circumpolar constellation?



5.  What star do circumpolar constellations circle around?


6.  Explain what apparent or visual magnitude is.




7.  What is the magnitude limit visible to the human eye?


8.  Give the date you did this assigment and the current lunar phase for that date.



9.  Give the date of your birthday and the current lunar phase for that day.



10.  List the 12 Zodiac constellations.




11.  Why are some constellations called zodiac constellations?



12.  Under the link "Autumn Skies" sketch the orientation for the big and little dipper.







13.  Under the Autumn Sky link scroll down to the link "Autumn Double Stars.  List three different double stars found in Autumn constellations.



14.  Under the Winter Sky link, what do the three stars in Orion's belt point toward?


15.  Under the Summer Sky link, what is the brightest star in the summer triangle?

























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