Night Astronomy Assign 5 Seeing the Universe with Different Eyes

1.  Draw a diagram of the Electromagnetic Spectrum from Radio Waves to Gamma Rays.




Go to the link on Radio Astronomy

2.  Who was the first radio astronomer to observe radiation from the milkyway??


3.  What are modern radio interferometers?



Go to the VLA link

4.   How many telescopes and how large is the VLA


Go to the link on microwave astronomy

5.  What is the CMBR cosmic microwave background radiation?



6.  What does the short (millimeter) wavelenght in the microwave region study?



7. Why are modern infrared telescopes in outer space?



8. What are some objects that infrared telescopes can detect?


Go to the link Visual light and then Spectrograph

9. What is a spectragraph?



10. Explain how a spectragraph works.



Go to the link Ultraviolet Astronomy

11. Explain why Ultraviolet Astronomy is not done on the earth's surface.



12.  How does the galaxy M81 look in Ultraviolet light? (Image on the right)


Go to the link XRay Astronomy

13.  What are three ways Xray observers are taken to high altitudes?



14. What kind of astronomical objects emit Xrays?


Go to the link Gamma Rays astronomy

15.  What processes occur in the universe to produce Gamma Rays?



16.  What can gamma rays tell us about the cosmos?



Go to the link Gamma Ray Bursts

17.  How long do Gamma Ray Bursts last?


18.  What is believed to be the cause of gamma ray bursts?





















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