General Physics Course Description


Course Outline for Physics 2014 -15

Instructor: Scott Kindt

Contact Information

Email:                            Voice Mail (970) 613-7743

Course information online at:


Text Book:  Glencoe Physics  Principles & Problems

Course Description:  General Physics is an upper level course for students who want a good background in physics but taught more with a balanced conceptual and mathematical approach.  This course will cover the major topics in Physics including Motion, Forces, Energy, Momentum, Gravity, Waves, Light, Optics, Electricity, and Magnetism.

Materials:       Dedicated Lab Notebook, Scientific Calculator

Grades & Point Distribution

60% Exams & quizzes     30% Lab projects      10% Homework

100%-90% A,      89%-80% B,     79%-70% C,     69%-60% D,      59%-0 F

Assignment Due Dates:  All homework and lab reports are due on the assigned dates.  Late work will be accepted with a 10% deduction for each day late.


Course Outline

1st Semester

Introduction to Physics, Units, Conversion Factors

Newton’s Laws on Motion- Inertia Lab

Kinematics Motion Equations Velocity & Acceleration

Projectiles and motion in two dimensions

Newton’s 2nd Law Forces, Acceleration, Friction

Universal Gravity & Kepler’s Laws

Work Energy & Simple Machines (LEGO Project)

Impulse & Momentum


2nd Semester

Engineering Project Building s Spectrophotometer

Light & Optics

Fluids (Glider Project)

Waves & Sound (Musical Instruments)

Electricity & DC Circuits (Stereo Amplifier Project)



Final Exam & District Assessment



















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