Fluids Research Paper

Fluids Research Paper    50 points    Due Date_________________

Two page paper with an additional bibliography page.  11 or 12 font single space type.  25 points


Five minute presentation with some type of visual aid.  The visual aid can be a power point, model, poster or something else.  25 points.


The written part will be graded using a modified LDC Rubric

-Controlling Idea

-Selection and citation of evidence


-Content: How does the physics of fluids relate to your topic?

Possible topics include:

Bernoulli’s Principle and fluids in motion as it relates to:

Airplane wings and flight

Sports and throwing a curve ball


Underground gopher holes or chimney smoke stacks

TIA transient ischemic attack = lack of blood flow to the brain


Blood pressure as it relates to your body height

Gasoline going into a carburetor

Buoyancy as it relates to boats or submarines

Buoyancy of Dirigible airships like the Hindenburg