AP Physics C Outline


Course Outline for AP Physics C Mechanics  2014-15

Instructor:   Scott Kindt     

Contact Information:

scott.kindt@thompsonschools.org                                      (970) 613-7743

Online information & Assignments found at   www.rockymountainstars.com

Textbook:  Physics for Scientists & Engineers   Serway Jewett    6th Edition

Recommended supplemental materials

AP Advantage PHYSICS C   by Dr. James Mooney   Peoples Publishing Group

The Princeton Review   AP Physics C

5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics C


Course Overview

AP Physics C focuses on Newtonian Mechanics.  Students are assumed to have a working knowledge of both differential and integral calculus and it is recommended that a student taking AP Physics C is concurrently enrolled in an AP Calculus course.  At the college level, Physics C is equivalent to an introductory physics course for scientists and engineers.

Required Material

Dedicated Lab Notebook (graph or composition format) Scientific Calculator


Total Grade come from:  75% Exams and Quizzes, 5% Homework, 20% Lab Reports

100%-90% A,    89%-80% B,    79%-70% C,   69%-60% D,  59%-0 F

There is a 10% deduction in points for each day an assignment is late.

AP Physics C is a weighted course for grades C or higher.





Course Sequence 1st Semester

Introduction & Calculus Overview

Ch. 2   Motion in one Dimension

Ch. 3 & 4 Vectors, Projectile Motion, Circular Motion

Ch. 5 Newton’s Laws

Ch. 6 Newton’s Laws with resistive forces friction & air drag

Ch. 7 Energy & Power

Ch. 8 Potential Energy

Ch. 9 Linear Momentum & Collisions

Semester Exam


Second Semester

Ch. 10 Rotation Kinematics, Torque, Rotational KE

Ch. 11 Angular Momentum Vector Product & Torque

Ch. 12 Static Equilibrium

Ch. 13 Universal Gravity & Kepler’s Laws

Ch. 15 Oscillations, Waves, Harmonic Motion

Review for AP Exam

Final Exam