AP Physics C Daily Assignments

 Course Syllabus

Opportunity for Extra Credit (Maximum 1 time)  CU Saturday Lecture Physics Series

AP Credit policy for your University




 AP Exam  Monday May 11th  12:00 PM

Tue May 12th:  (45 min)  Intro lesson on Inductive Reactance.  Material to review for class.


Wed May 13th: (90 min Block)  Terry Bullett & David Eckhardt: Inductive Reactance applications to antennas.

Fri May 15th: (45 min) Radio Telescope Project.


Mon May 18th: (45 min) Radio Telescope Project

Tue May 19th: (45 min) Radio Telescope Project

Wed May 20th: (90 min Block) Radio Telescope Project  (LAST CLASS FOR SENIORS) Seniors will turn in thier project report.

Fri May 22nd: Radio Telescope Project


Mon May 25th Memorial Day No School

Begin Adjusted Schedule for Final Exam Week

Tue May 26th (AP Physics C will be first period in the morning 7:30 - 8:15) Radio Telescope Project

Wed May 27th Final Exam for AP Physics C



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