AP Physics C

AP Physics C (Mechanics) Syllabus

Text Book:  PHYSICS for Scientists and Engineers    6th Edition     Serway Jewett    ISBN 0-534-40842-7

No Summer Assignment.  Be sure you have purchased your Serway Jewett 6th Edition Text before school starts.




Ch. 2 Motion in one dimension

Ch.3 Vectors

Ch.4 Motion in Two dimensions

Ch.5 Laws of Motion

Ch.6 Circular motion

Ch.7 Energy and Energy Transfer

Ch.8 Potential Energy

Ch.9 Linerar Momentum and Collisions

Ch.10 Rotation of Rigid Objects with fixed Axis

Ch.11 Angular Momentum

Ch.12 Static Equilibrium Equilibrium & Elasticity

Ch.13 Universal Gravitation

Ch.15 Oscillations



























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